About Us

Established since 2006, Supreme Power Pte Ltd is specialized in Power Systems such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Capacitor, Load Bank, DC charger, Transformer, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Ni-Cd Battery and even Solar Systems. Supreme Power Pte Ltd also provide accessories such as Fiber Patch cord and Fiber Optic Converter.

Supreme Power Pte Ltd is the sole distributor for OPTI UPS in Asia market. We have wide range of UPS capacity from 600VA to 800KVA. We also provide sales, service and maintenance support for ELEN UPS. We believed that by providing the efficient and commitment to customer satisfaction is our goal of achievement.

Supreme Power Pte Ltd thanks to all our customers for your continuing support and believing that we can commit and delivered.

Supreme Power Group, has established an enviable reputation based upon:

By taking a consultative approach, we strive to help customers find the most reliable and efficient model to suit their business, project or customer requirements.


"Our philosophy is to enter into long-term partnerships with our clients. Our portfolio of clients, with whom we have been associated with for a number of years, bears witness to this intent. We aim to remove the day-to-day problems encountered by our clients and provide them with a cost-effective solution to developing, running and operating their business"