MD Series UPS | 60 - 600KVA | three phase


* Integrated and packaged IGBT instead of discrete device to greatly enhance the reliability of power module and UPS system.

* Front panel for easy maintenance, inlet wire from top to bottom for easy connection by user.

* Large touch screen of human-machine interface, a great amount of information.

* Independent ging system, strong ging capacity, Perfect battery management scheme.

* Parallel connection technology of digital modules, precision circular current index.

* Easy to install even close to other equipment’s, space-saving footprint in service room.

* Redundancy and intelligent adjustable-speed fan, low noise, low power consumption.

* Integrated distribution system inside system cabinet, easy to install, low investment by user.

* Good matching performance with motor.

* DC Starting via battery (cold boot) for easy operation.

* Three-proofing treatment of all circuit boards.

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