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OPTI-UPS .NETpower SNMP & LAN Card and Box

.NETpower SNMP & LAN Card and Box

The OPTI-UPS .NET power SNMP CARD and SNMP box provide you with most powerful UPS management and monitoring functions. No more need to have a PC directly connected to UPS for these purposes.
A compact card inserted into SNMP card slot of your PS-B or DS-B UPS series or a miniature SNMP box connected to ES-C series make your UPS a full featured power protection system ready for remote control via Internet/Intranet or even public telephone network.
.NET power SNMP card/box has all capability of OPTI-SAFE software including SNMP support plus several valuable UPS management functions. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an industrial standard used for network management, which allows you to incorporate your OPTI power protection devices into your company’s unified monitoring system based on such products as HP Open View, IBM Net View or others.Besides being a full featured OPTI-SAFE clone, the NET power SNMP card/box has these great capabilities.

Network Management
.NETpower SNMP card/box supports telnet management and web management via HTTP 1.0 protocol combined with HTML, Java Script and Java Applet.
SNMP Network Management
.NET power card/box supports SNMP v1.0 and v2.0, RFC 1213 (MIB-II), RFC 1628 (UPS MIB) and private UPS extension MIB. It is compatible with any standard SNMP NMS such as HP Open View, IBM Net View or others.
Serial port
Serial Port can be used as a console port or can be connected to a modem allowing PPP dial-in and paging.
Network Interface
UTP Fast Ethernet 10/100 auto-sense network interface is provided.
Extension Port
.NETpower SNMP card/box can be connected to an extension device such
as temperature / humidity / smoke sensors, etc. and supply additional
information provided by them.
Real Time Clock
Time can be adjusted by SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol).
.NETpower SNMP card/box can be set up via telnet or console.
Firmware upgradeable
Firmware can be upgraded via a web browser or via TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)

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